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Course Overview &

What To Expect

Module 1 – Your Doula Mindset

  • History of Doulas;
  • Supporting all women, no matter how they birth.
  • Knowing your what gives you your how;
  • Self-nurturing and healing to prevent burnout;
  • Your mindset reflects your experiences;
  • Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs;
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety;
  • Alternative therapies;
  • Time Management;
  • Problem solving;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Decluttering;
  • Being assertive – saying no and not feeling guilty;

Module 2 – Business Savvy Doula

  • Setting up your doula business, insurances and contracts;
  • What is your goal, your mission and your vision?
  • It’s not your business what others think;
  • Connecting with potential clients – your features and benefits;
  • Building rapport and trust;
  • Saying NO and not feeling guilty;
  • Branding;
  • Marketing and advertising tricks;
  • Social media;
  • Mapping out your business plan;
  • Setting boundaries as a doula and business woman;
  • Setting up and maintaining your resource library;
  • Understanding how to look for and dissect research;
  • Cross referrals and collaborating with other professionals;
  • Business templates and contracts;
  • Affiliate program for Back to Basics Birthing online course;
  • 12-month Doula Training Academy Membership;
  • Mentoring, Debriefing & Buddy program;
  • Continued education through regular webinars and meetups.

Module 3 – Anatomy & Physiology of Birth

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education to ensure the correct information is given to your clients during discussions;
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the pregnant body and hormones.
  • Hormonal Physiology of labour and birth;

Module 4 – Rights of Childbearing Women

  • Making the rights choices;
  • BRAIN Techniques;
  • Governing Bodies in Australia for Resources;
  • Choosing a Care Provider;
  • Statistics and Resources;
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines;
  • Birthrights;
  • Birth Plans;
  • The Informed Consent Process;
  • Advocacy;
  • Non-judgemental Continuity of Care;
  • Your role versus the role of the midwife.

Module 5 – Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver

  • Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver training.
  • Understanding the mind / body connection;
  • Fear release techniques;
  • Conditioning the mind for a positive, calm birth by helping women to relax more, fear less, let go of tension and trust their body and their baby.

Module 6 – Your Doula Toolkit

  • Breathing techniques;
  • What’s in your doula bag – your Mary Poppins bag of tricks?
  • The 5 Senses of Birth;
  • Massage – muscles, joints and ligaments of the pelvis;
  • Acupressure during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond;
  • Using essential oils safely;
  • The power behind using Affirmations;
  • The underutilised technique of Visualisation;
  • Music, meditations and hypnosis;
  • What’s in your doula bag – your Mary Poppins bag of tricks?
  • Orgasmic Birth;
  • Setting up the environment as a safe, comfortable birth space for mother and newborn baby.

Module 7 – Pelvic Pathways – Optimal Positioning

  • Understanding how the fascia, ligaments and pelvis work together for baby to be in an ideal position;
  • Preparing the body to prevent problems not fix them;
  • Effective techniques using a rebozo or cloth;
  • Optimum positioning of baby;
  • Where is baby rather than what is happening to the cervix;
  • Helping to support the progress of labour.

Module 8 – Physiological Birth, Inductions and Interventions

  • What are interventions and how can a couple avoid them?
  • Medical versus natural induction methods & resources;
  • Medical versus natural pain relief options & resources;
  • Working with other health professionals including medical caregivers and sifting through policies and procedures of hospitals.

Module 9 – Variations of Birth

  • Supporting women through a change of circumstances;
  • Working with VBAC women and their partners, including evidence-based information and resources;
  • Birth settings – home, hospital, birthing centre, transfers.

Module 10 – Interventions

  • Knowledge is Power;
  • Medical Induction Methods;
  • Medical Pain Relief;
  • Natural Induction Methods;
  • Natural Pain Relief.

Module 11 – Caesarean Births

  • Supporting women leading up to, during and after caesarean birth;
  • Maternal Assisted caesareans;
  • Gentle, natural caesareans;
  • Encouraging and supporting a labour caesarean;
  • Healing after caesarean.

Module 12 – Supporting VBAC clients

  • The myths, the evidence and the support;
  • Helping a couple to choose a VBAC supportive caregiver;
  • Preparing for a VBAC.

Module 13 – Stillbirth & Bereaved Parents

  • Supporting couples through loss;
  • Resources;
  • Your own self-care and debriefing.

Module 14 – Self-care strategies to help manage trauma

  • Seeking out help and debriefing after each birth;
  • Compassionate Boundaries;
  • It’s not your birth;
  • Obstetric violence.

Module 15 – Breastfeeding Support

  • Signs baby is ready to feed;
  • Positioning and attachment principles;
  • Signs of successful feeding.

Module 16 – Postpartum Support

  • The first hour after birth;
  • Emotional support;
  • Practical skills;
  • Local resources.

Module 17 – Mother Blessings, Rituals & Cultural Appropriation

  • Cultural Appropriation issues;
  • Honouring and celebrating a woman’s journey into motherhood;
  • Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth;
  • Discussing different cultures and rituals.

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The Doula Training Academy was established to educate, inform, encourage, research and to provide an ongoing support network for Doulas across Australia.

At the Doula Training Academy, we embrace the collective knowledge gained from training, tradition and experience and this is passed down from generation to generation – like a legend or folklores. We recognise that it is not just about being present at a woman’s birth – there is so much more to being a doula. Being a doula is about “listening” to a mother, so you hear and acknowledge her hopes, fears and doubts. It is about “open discussion” with her to develop a birth plan that encourages autonomy, alternatives and choices.

It is about building “rapport” with her and her partner so that they trust you. It is about “eliminating your ego” as you can never think you know it all – every day you must strive to learn something new or different, and that will always highlight you as a quality service that provides a woman “satisfaction that exceeds her expectations.”


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