Amber Adin

Perth Metro - Student

I am continually in awe of the complex beauty of the birthing journey. The way the woman’s body works with her baby so intuitively when allowed is just magic.

Unfortunately, the fog of the unknown can interfere and bring a multitude of questions, which prevent women from feeling confident in their natural ability to birth.

I believe the questions HAVE answers!

I’m here to clear the fog by providing information and tools to fully prepare my clients mentally and physically through visual resources, data and movement. I will give you the means to find the answers, with research or by providing tools to find them within yourself – bringing clarity, understanding and focus to make this journey a wonderful experience.

We work together to enhance the body’s ability to open up and progress naturally and transform all the birth energies into positive energies.

If we can remove the unknown from the journey, you can remove the associated fear, and be able to focus on positively preparing for the birth you want.

New Zealand born, I moved to Perth in 2013, and this have made it my home.

I am based in Kallaroo, and live here with my husband, Tom, and my son, Finn, and our fur babies.

Since childhood I have aways been a helper of people, and as an adult I always wanted to find a path which related.

It was after having my son in 2018 that I found I was drawn to pregnant and new mothers, knowing the  extent of the feelings of not knowing what to expect or how to prepare – especially when there isn’t a close network of family support.

2020 is the year I was able to bring it all together and enrolled to train with the Doula Training Academy and have learned an extensive amount about birth, women, and how to be the best support person for these mothers.

I’m excited to be on this path, where I can continually learn, grow, and share, and be a part of a much needed change to get back to instinctual and educated birthing.

My name is Amber Adin, and I am a student doula who is training at the Doula Training Academy.

If you would like more information about my doula services please contact me:

Business name:
Amber Adin – Halara Doula


0424 769 924

[email protected]




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