Amber Schifferli

Perth Metro

I’m Amber Schifferli – The Mumma Doula
I’m a mumma of two wild girls, a lover, light worker, supporter of women & energetic worker of the universe. I also run another business called The Birth Folk, which is an inclusive community for birth workers and those alike.

I am here to revolutionise the way women are birthing and rebirthing.

I am ready to hold and support the women who are ready to say YES to the big work.

Who are ready to wholefully get to know themselves, their bodies and dive deep into their Inner work. I believe the biggest work we do as women, is through the birth and rebirth portal, yet the most underprepared event for some woman.

I am here to change the game on how we birth our babies, and how we rebirth ourselves when we’re being called to level up.

Our planet is dying and we need a new wave of consciousness to enter the world and make big changes. We need little light workers who are ready to heal our earth.

But when we think about the way our babies are being born… it all makes an impact.

Peace on earth begins with birth.

We need the strength and courage to birth our babies in our full power and potential to create this new wave in earth. We need to be birthing our babies in our power to heal. We need to be woman in our power, to be the healers.

So how can we get here? How can we heal the earth and ourselves?

Reclaiming our birthing right as women. Reclaim your rights as women.

I am here to support women through their home birthing journey. To support and make an impact to women coming back to their power or enhancing their new found changes pregnancy birth. To hold you as you move from maiden to mother. Navigating those big pivotal life changes that babies bring, and most importantly, educating you on the physiology of women’s bodies & birthing our babies.

My offerings as a birth doula for 2021 will be for family birth centre or home-birth clients only as this is the realm I feel I can offer the most as a doula.

I have plenty of other offerings to engage in, from energy work to labour embodiment sessions. For information on birth doula packages you can email me to book your FREE consult, via Zoom or in person.

Looking forward to hearing from you mumma,
Big love !

[email protected]

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