Aurelia Balestra Mavrick

Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

I am a mother of 3, birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist of Swiss origin, a former photographer, ski instructor and free spirit.

My husband brought me to Perth in 2006 and we are raising our 3 wonderful little people in the Perth Foothills where we enjoy the space, trees and wildlife.

I became a birth doula in 2015 after having had a very empowering and healing pregnancy and birth with my second daughter following a very disappointing birth with my first.

All the free-flowing oxytocin in birth world led to the very unexpected pregnancy and birth of my 3rd child, my first boy, in 2016, which was again very much empowering and life changing.

My maternity leave was spent furthering my career by studying placentophagy through APPA (The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts).

My aim as a doula is to help families create the birth journey that is right for them. A birth where they take charge, one where they feel empowered to make decisions out of evidence-based information rather than fear. A birth that is not just handed over to the system/care provider or doula but a birth that is their own and hopefully life changing on many levels.

I offer placenta services alongside birth blessing ceremonies, postpartum healing ceremonies, baby blessing ceremonies and my birth doula services.

I have been fortunate enough to support families in their birth journeys since July 2015. Every single birth I have attended has been deeply profound and I feel incredibly honoured to have been invited to share those moments with my families.

A heartfelt thank you to all my beautiful clients, for trusting me to accompany them along their journey. I am looking forward to helping many more women find the power within themselves to fight for, and work towards, the birth they desire.

The birth that is right for them. No matter what that looks like.

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