Bec Hughes

Perth Metro - Student

It is said that each and every time a mother births their baby, their very own rebirth takes place.

The most sacred of days are yet to be had.

Turning the pages of motherhood one by one, as slowly as you please.

My name is Bec Hughes and I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

I’m a mother, wife, lover, go get em’ enthusiast, nurturer & most likely your child’s best friend.

I have found myself in the birth community after a career change where I said goodbye to a lengthy career in early childhood education. I decided to hold space for mamas & their children following my own maternal instincts and rebirth.

My ultimate desire is to support all womxn during the most sacred time in their lives and make a positive change within birth communities supporting not only the birth but the postpartum and those magical 40 days after your baby arrives.

As a doula my job is to hold you mama, to nourish your soul, telling you how incredibly phenomenal you are, to hold space for the tears, laughter, joy, or sadness. To bear witness the gift that you have carried into this realm and support you with all that I have inside of me.

If you are ready to laugh, chit chat, dance, drink fresh juice, and have your soul pampered, then I might be the right doula for you.

Orbie Fleur and Me Doula

0408 504 195

[email protected]




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