Danni Bestall

Hi there, my name is Danni.

Throughout my life I have been told I am A dreamer.. A wise owl.. A hippy.. A marshmallow.. An old soul.. An earth mother.

But here is what I know about myself.

I love to laugh, I love to dance, I love to connect, I love to really sink my teeth into an experience, and I love to dream. I am a loved-up wife and a blessed mama to one funny little man. I live in the northern coastal suburbs of Perth and spend most of my days barefoot in the garden with my son, soaking up the beautiful sunshine. The ocean is my go-to for renewal, recharge and reconnection. Activities that nourish my body, mind and soul are a permanent feature in my life but a regular challenge to fit into everyday life as a modern mother.

I thrive on movement – walking in nature, Pilates, Yoga and my personal fave, dancing my butt off in the living room. Fueling myself and my family with life giving foods is a non-negotiable for me but a treat of noodles and dumplings makes me weak at the knees. I care for my mind and mental health through journaling, meditation, movement and connection with my loved ones.

Since birthing my son in October 2018, I have realised just how vital connection is to my wellbeing. The power of connection to myself, my family, my friends, nature and the community and in contrast the impact of disconnection to these areas of my life has never been so apparent.

As your Doula my aim is to help you reconnect to your mind, body and soul so that you can truly trust the process of birth and set yourself up to blossom in motherhood. It would make me so happy to help you to find your own flow in pregnancy and go on to birth to your own rhythm.

What is my mission as your Doula?

My mission is to support you and your partner to enter parenthood marching to the beat of your own drum. In helping you to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience, my aim is to see confidence and positivity ripple out from your birth into your family and beyond.

What can I do for you?

I can listen to the hopes and dreams that you have for your birth and assist you to design a birth plan that is uniquely suited to you.

If you are holding onto fears about your pregnancy, birth or motherhood, I will be there to listen and help you to devise a plan so that you can come back to yourself and enjoy this uniquely amazing experience for what it is.

I can educate you on the tools and techniques that you can use to reduce pain in labour so that you can stay calm and enjoy a positive birth experience.

I can coach your birth partner to be the best support partner they can possibly be, so that you can put all of your energy into allowing your body to relax into the birthing process.

During pregnancy, birth and in the postpartum period, I can provide you with physical support in the form of massage, acupressure and techniques using a rebozo to help to release tension and ease discomfort.

I can hold the space in your birth environment for you to feel loved, informed, supported and calm, allowing your baby to be born into a bubble of love.

I can provide you with ongoing education, evidence-based information and resources so that you can feel informed and powerful in your decision making regarding your body, your baby and your birth.

As a Doula, Physiotherapist and trained Pilates instructor, I can educate you to prepare your body for the best birth possible as well as provide information for you to optimise your recovery in the postpartum period.

I can provide emotional support and referral resources in the postpartum period so that your transition into motherhood is one in which you feel surrounded by love, strong in your decision making and most importantly, not alone.

Physically, I can support you in the postpartum period with massage, food preparation, simple help around the house and the opportunity to have some time to recharge yourself.

My name is Danni Bestall and I am a qualified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like to talk more about your birthing options, please contact me by clicking the links above or call me on 0421 993 639 and I would love to have a chat.

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