Erin Brass

I’m Erin Brass, based in Melbourne, Australia.

2020, the year it seemed the world paused and everything was shaken upside down. This was the year that a dream, an idea, a life’s mission came into reality for me.

I have been a teacher for almost 10 years, an actor for 25+years and a qualified life coach for 4+ years and have thrown all of my love, compassion, advocacy, and expertise into them. However behind all of that, I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to not only experience birth for myself but support other women through their own birthing journey. I wanted to compile all of my experience with coaching, supporting, advocating and connecting into being the best support person I could be in one of life’s most incredible moments, the birth of a baby.

When a new and yet very close friend asked me to be with her and her husband for their birth, I jumped at the opportunity. Choosing to use all of the ‘free’ time during the many lockdowns to study and prepare for being their Doula.

You see, birth for me is not just about the arrival of a newborn, it is the greatest example of the power of the female body and the sheer magic that can occur when women are in relationship with their body and what it can do. I know too well how doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence can play a part in sabotaging what I want most, and my mission is to free every birthing mother of those saboteurs so that she can walk away knowing, feeling, and embodying her magnificence.

I am also driven and believe in this magical moment being an empowering, incredibly intimate and bond affirming experience for any couple that chooses to become parents.

Being a Doula to me means creating a space and contributing to an experience that enhances the connection between the parents-to-be and leaves them both loved up and excited for the journey ahead.

Let us together, as a team, create a birthing moment that exceeds your expectations, brings you closer together as a couple and forms and cements a bond with your baby that sets you up for the greatest parenting experience you can imagine.

My name is Erin Brass, and I am a qualified doula who has trained with Vicki Hobbs at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like to discuss my services further, please contact me:

[email protected]



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