Jacqueline O’Neill

My name is Jacqueline O’Neill, please call me Jackie. My family consists of my 2 amazing kids (20 months apart), an incredibly supportive Husband and a cat and dog. Our house is crazy, loud and well lived in and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My intrigue in the body and all that is birth was sparked with my first pregnancy. I had a breech baby on board and had to fight for my right to birth how I believed my body could. I am forever grateful that I was surrounded by supportive people and went on to have a very positive birth.

Enough about me – let’s talk about you. I am here to support you, your birthing partner and your baby. I am committed to helping you make an informed choice about YOUR perfect, positive birth.

I have listed a few things I can do which will help you feel relaxed, supported and empowered during your upcoming journey into Motherhood:

  • I will listen to you. I will encourage you to talk about anything you are unsure or nervous about, so we can prepare your mind and body for the birth you want
  • I can help you write you birth plan, which will give you and your birthing partner a sense of security in knowing your wishes are being documented.
  • I have trained in acupressure and massage, which will help alleviate any intense pressure during labour and birth. I also offer massage before your baby is born, which will help you relax and ensure your pelvis is loose, relaxed and ready for birth.
  • I am trained as a “Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver” so I will be able to utilise correct wording and encourage your health care providers to do the same.
  • As your birth coach, I will provide you with information and resources, which gives you the opportunity to feel calm and supported while knowing you will have continuity of care during pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • I have trained in the Spinning Babies techniques, which gives me more understanding of optimum positions to help you and baby during pregnancy, labour and birth and correct use of the rebozo to help with the intensity of pressure while labouring.
  • I offer ongoing support via a Facebook support group for as long as you wish to be supported
  • I can offer breastfeeding support, information and resources – to help you establish a good breastfeeding relationship with your baby or babies.

I aim to keep myself informed with the most recent evidence-based information out there, and I will continue to learn every day.

If you would like to connect and chat and see if we are suited for one another, please get in touch:

Live, Love & Birth

[email protected]

0400 247 857




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