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My name is Kristy Vassallo and although I wear a few hats such as Doula, KONGA dance fitness instructor and Mum of 3, I have a core love of supporting women in health, wellness and birth!

I have always had a strong interest in babies, birth and mother crafting, often seen posing in photos as a young toddler breastfeeding my dolls to which I still obsessed over until my early teens! I then moved onto babysitting, then as a nanny of twin babies before commencing my studies in Nursing & Midwifery, fostering babies and now training as a Doula.

Since birthing my own children I have come to deeply understand the importance of a positive birth experience. Through personal experience I have learnt the impacts of not being informed of birth, my choices and therefore the associated risks I very much took for granted I wouldn’t need to know about. I have learnt how it feels to have a void in place where a beautiful birth experience should have been. I have learnt how it feels to have a disrespected birthing space. I have learnt the implications of disrupting the hormones of love that have long lasting effects on the mother child bond.

Since commencing my Doula training I have quite literally stumbled across the concept of a continued birth support and its imperative role in supporting the birthing process and outcomes for both mama and her partner. I have always wanted to be a Midwife; however I am interestingly aware now that perhaps being a Doula was what I inspired to be all along. I have no idea if or when I will complete the last remaining year of my Midwifery degree now I have discovered Doula-hood! This seems to be my jam. My calling. Where my purpose lies.

What I do know is that my life work is to support birthing people to achieve an empowered birth that is transformative, healing and remembered as a positive experience bringing their baby earth side, however that may happen. As a mama who has experienced a ‘failed’ VBAC3 I also have a special interest in helping mothers achieve the physiological birth they yearn for or a positive caesarean experience, whichever way their birth story goes. I am deeply honoured and humbled to be invited into that sacred space and understand wholeheartedly the magnitude of such a special yet sometimes overwhelming milestone of life. I find such a deep joy in witnessing the sheer elation of a new mothers face as she realises how powerful she is and what she can achieve!! Her roar, her voice, her capabilities undeniable even to herself!

I am a lover of personal and professional development workshops, reading, plant-based eating, alternative thinking and natural living. I am constantly growing, evolving and learning with an up to date evidence-based research library that you will have access to when needing to make informed decisions unique to your birth choices. I will listen to you, help you write your birth plan, I will use language that reflects the normality of birth and releases fear (I am a trained “Hypnobirthing Caregiver”) and will encourage health care providers to do the same, I will help you feel calm and in control with continuity of care before, during and after labour with an abundance of information, a well prepared Doula toolkit and skillset in natural pain relief and relaxation techniques including Rebozo, aromatherapy, acupressure and massage. You are a birthing Queen and naturally will be treated as such.

My mission statement is to provide birthing families with a valuable resource of information as well as the emotional and practical support needed during pregnancy, labour and birth as well as parenting a newborn, for both the mother and dad/partner. The support you will receive is non-judgemental and can be assured that your informed decisions will be respected and advocated for in creating a birth that excites you with anticipation for what will be an undoubtedly incredibly transformative and profound experience of your life. I believe in you, your body, your baby, your birth and what can be achieved!

My name is Kristy Vassallo and I am a Doula based in Dawesville, Western Australia who has trained with the Doula Training Academy. If you would like to talk more about your birthing options, please contact me.



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