Oona Goldsmith

Perth Metro - Student


My name is Oona and I am a student Doula training with the Doula Academy led by Vicki Hobbs.

I only recently started my journey as a Doula, but I was ready for this training for what seems like forever.

I got the calling what feels like a lifetime ago, living in Germany, when I was pregnant with my first daughter Kayla who is now thirteen. I was convinced that birthing was something natural and empowering and wanted it to be as natural as possible.

I therefore decided to have my first birth at a birthing home, guided only by a midwife who stayed with me for the whole journey, before, during and after the birth. I felt supported and safe, assured that I was capable of giving birth to my beautiful daughter on my own terms and so it was.

Being mother to a healthy and happy child was the starting point of becoming an advocate of natural birth, parenting and living. I was a source of knowledge for my friends and supported them in their birthing and parenting experience. Being a social worker, I was aware of all the services around to support families if they needed it. I was available and open to everyone in our community and I absolutely loved it.

Another two births and a lot of medical hiccups later, my husband and I decided to move to Australia, my husband’s homeland. There I was, feeling lost in a foreign country with no roots and a family that depended on me to support them to settle in. It took me a while to understand this country, but with the connection to the local community and the support of my newfound friends I started anew. I feel that I am now ready to share my knowledge and wisdom and I am very excited to begin this wonderful journey again.

I have knowledge in natural remedies for mothers and children and want to learn more in the future to be able to support new mothers in an alternative way. I am gentle and patient in supporting anxious mothers on their journey to trust their gut feeling and liberate themselves from the pressure of society that goes along with becoming a mother. This should give you the freedom to choose the kind of birth you feel comfortable with.

I am compassionate and caring in supporting parents in their new role. You can count on me to be reliable and determined when I need to be.

I believe that the combination of my Doula and Social Worker skills complement my communication and caring attributes that will guide you and your family on the journey of becoming parents in a holistic way. I would love to meet you in person to discuss how I can  best support you.

I will be a great supporter at your side if you need me to stand up for your beliefs and allow me the honour of being part of your birthing journey.

With love and gratitude

If you would like more information about my doula services please contact me:

Phone:                             0402240654
Email:                              [email protected]

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