Shanae Parker

Hello, I’m Shanae…

I provide golden guidance to glorious humans like yourself, through the most soul blossoming, transformative, numinous journey of your lifetime so you can hold the power in your experience with pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I also get called ‘mum’ by 2 little ragamuffins who are 17 months apart and ‘wife’ to my beautiful husband Steve, they are my entire world.

Our household is loud and well lived in, my toddlers totally rule the roost and party everyday while I scratch my head wondering where on earth they get the energy. They light me up and are my inspiration for everything I do.

I’m the middle sister of 3 daughters and I fully embody the ‘middle child’ as my whole personality.

I’m the cream part of the Oreo, the glue, the peacemaker, the secret keeper, the mediator, and I’ve never gone along with what everyone else is doing, I’ve always created my own path and never see limitations on where that will take me.

I love a coffee (or 3) and will drive to the ends of the earth for the best golden elixir!

I’m a barber by trade and I will happily talk the hind leg off a donkey.

I’m terrified of puppets, yep you read that right! Thanks to a little incident that involved a walking talking big bird from Sesame Street in my childhood, and the sound of a fork scraping a ceramic plate makes me physically nauseous.

I love to know how you’re doing, but like seriously, how you’re REALLY doing. I care so deeply for everyone around me and want to love on them and make them feel truly listened to.

I understand the need for support and having a village around you, because as humans we are not designed to go through it alone. It is a fundamental part of being a human being, right after the basic need to feel safe, and for survival such as food, shelter and water is the need to be loved and a sense of belonging.

I’m here to hold that space for you, to support you and to show you that gold within you. I’m not giving you anything you don’t already have, I’m here to remind you of what a total powerhouse you already are because you are extraordinary, and you should always feel that way!

As your doula I will…. 

Welcome you into a safe space for the both of you to be open about any fears, confusions and to talk about how you are really feeling. Debriefing about previous pregnancies and birth experiences so that we can start on the right foot and be open about why you’ve decided you would like the extra support.

Let’s talk about your vision you have for your birth; What is your ideal birth? Where do you see yourself birthing your baby? How do you want to feel? If you are unsure, I’m here to help with options and resources and if you have a particular preference, I’m here to support you and guide and to be non-judgemental through the process.

If you haven’t chosen already, lets delve into care providers that align with your wants, beliefs and make you feel completely supported through your journey. Our maternity system can be hard to navigate and often we don’t know that the care provider we chose was not the right fit until it’s too late but that is where I come in, I will provide you with the education and knowledge so that for you picking the right care provider for you is a no-brainer!

I will be providing you with ongoing childbirth education and evidence-based research through the duration of your pregnancy and can provide you with the resources and techniques for any hurdles you may face. Every pregnancy and birth is so unique, and you may find at certain stages your discovering symptoms you may not have ever even heard about, big or small, I’m here to provide you with tools and knowledge you can both use so your partner will also know how to support you through anything you may face.

You will have unlimited access to me by phone or email and I’m here to answer any questions or queries that you may have, even if you just need someone to talk to, I’m here.

I will also be here for you in the postpartum period. This is such a sacred time, and it should be honoured and protected at all costs. I want you both feel completely supported, nourished, and taken care of! Let me hold your baby for you so you can shower and take a nap, forget about folding that washing, I’ve got you. Take in every moment of this time and be completely selfish, you’ll come to thank yourself later.

My name is Shanae Parker, and I am a doula who has trained through the Doula Training Academy. If you would like to discuss your options for birth in Perth, WA, feel free to contact me.

Business Name:
Golden Hour Birth Co

Business Email:
[email protected]

0400 010 745


– feel free to send me a direct message

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