Abbie Hennessy

South Australia

Welcome to this soul nurturing space.

You can call me Ab.

I am a very proud boy Mama of two little wildlings.

I have an old soul and a creative spirit.

I am full of nothing but warm fuzzies and my heart sings for all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I have always been super maternal, and after the transformative births of my own babes, I was feeling called to hold, nurture and support women on their own journey from maiden to mother – because Mamas are born too!

I became a birth keeper, space holder & heartfelt doula through my journey of being a nurse and completing my extensive training at the Doula Training Academy.

It has been the biggest, most transformative exploration of my truest self; the rite of passage to motherhood and following my intuition to mothering the mother, be a part of the village and honouring the sacred birthing space and postpartum period.

My arms and heart are wide open to women wanting to be fully embraced and informed through their own rite of passage to motherhood.

Whether you wish to have a homebirth, planned caesarean or birth in the system; whether this is your first baby or last and no matter what your wishes, fears and other non-negotiables may be, my focus is on you, it’s all about you Mama!

You, your wants and needs, your baby and your family are what’s most important to me!

I have a super warm, gentle, real, and relatable, non-judgemental approach to bringing you the most positive, calm, and wholesome birthing and postpartum experience – one that I hope you will be able to feel the magic and cherish as you blossom into your new season and for years to come!

Servicing the Mid North and beyond, South Australia.

It would be my absolute honour to walk alongside you and watch you bloom as a woman and into a mother.

If you would like any more information about my doula services, please reach out – I look forward to connecting with you & seeing if our souls align!

Business Name:
Align in Bloom Doula

0427 891 786

[email protected]




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