Amber Kevill

Amber Kevill

My name is Amber Kevill. I live in Kingsley, Western Australia with my husband and son.

I am a Doula and a HypnoBirthing® International Childbirth Educator.

After both the birth of my own son and supporting my friend in her amazing birth in 2017, I decided I wanted to support families on their journey into parenthood.

I have a passion for Sign Language and am currently studying Cert III in Auslan at Tafe. I hope to use this to teach Baby Sign to parents to aid their communication and bond with their child.

My business name, Hartley’s Meadow, comes from what I named my own calm zone whilst I was pregnant. Hartley means ‘a stag/deer’ and was a name I discovered in a baby name book. As soon as I saw this name, I could see the fresh green grass, feel the cool breeze and hear all the animals. I went to this space to relax and be with my baby.

After completing my HypnoBirthing® training we were given a Parent Handout book. The final relaxation within it describes taking yourself to a forest and following a fawn to something magical. This is the feeling and experience I wish to be able to pass onto all families that I work with – a beautiful, calmness that leads to something magical.

My name is Amber Kevill and I am a qualified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services please contact me as I would love to chat.


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