Charlotte Lucas

New South Wales

My name is Charlotte Lucas and as a certified birth and postpartum Doula, I am here to support and nurture women through their journey into motherhood.

I am based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW and am a mother to one beautiful girl with a background in health and primary teaching. I am driven by my mission to implement high quality, continuity of care for mothers and their birth partners which starts with building a deep understanding of the birthing body and mind, through knowledge and education.

I offer both personal and professional experience in this transformational time of your life and want to impart the knowledge and confidence for you and your birth partner to feel empowered. This in turn will encourage you to release your fears around labour and birth and increase your trust in your body and your baby.

I want you to take your power back and when you understand birth, you are more likely to be able to make informed choices and advocate for yourself during your pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood.

I provide my services on The Central Coast and Newcastle, NSW and support all types of births including hospital, home birth, natural physiological, water birth, VBAC, induction of labour, caesarean and pain relief free.

When you work with me, my desire is to leave you feeling energised and having created a beautiful, safe space for your baby to enter the world into.

I am a qualified doula who has trained with the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me.

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