Gessitya Adana - Student Doula

Hi, I’m Gess, mother to Zane (3 years old) and Zayla (6 months old). Previously a seasoned specialty coffee professional and a trained nurse. Sourdough baker and an amateur gardener.

I’m an emerging doula providing in-home pregnancy and postpartum care in the greater west of Melbourne area.

I’m an advocate for women taking charge of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. I’m here to lay out the foundations for you flourish in your motherhood journey.

I felt the calling to be a doula after I gave birth to my first baby where I had a very positive experience. I educated myself about pregnancy and prepared for labour and birth. Soon I realised that not everyone had a positive experience, and this frustrated me. I started asking question to why women are not getting the access to the information that I had. Why this information was not given by the midwife or doctors in the maternity system.

My mission is to be a pillar of support for women and their families through different seasons of motherhood. I offer space for you to feel safe and grounded. For you to feel empowered with what your body and mind can do. To help you get in touch with your mother instincts and trust in your power. For us to raise a strong generation of women and attentive men.

I offer education and evidence-based information to help mothers and partners feel confident in making decisions that suits for them. I nurture families by offering wholesome nutritious meals delivered to their door or prepared in your kitchen. I provide physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance during these transitional periods. My role as a doula will be unique depending on your personal needs.

My name is Gess Adana, and I am an emerging doula completing a training at the Doula Training Academy, and I service the greater western of Melbourne area. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me:

0451 101 061

[email protected]


Coming soon.

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