Jarrah McIntosh - Student Doula

Hello beautiful,

My name is Jarrah, and I am the owner of JARRAH ELLEN DOULA based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

I grew up as a country girl on the river in Echuca, VIC which shaped my easy-going attitude, a love for being in nature, living simply and just enjoying life.

I met my partner in 2017 and we had our first baby in 2021, during Melbourne’s lockdowns and mandates which made my transformation into motherhood a confusing and lonely time. It allowed me to question and research everything, which led me to learning about alternative and holistic health and living a natural life, which we now see the benefits of and love.

As a family we prioritise intuitive, gentle and attachment parenting and breastfeeding over everything else. We live a purposeful life and spend our weekends camping, or just enjoying a BBQ in the backyard. We are a co-sleeping family that truly enjoy being together which makes life feel pretty easy.

I have spent my life loving babies and children of all ages, babysitting, nannying overseas and teaching in the early year’s education. As soon as I fell pregnant, I knew the childcare industry would no longer serve me or my family, so I chose to stay home and raise my baby girl with the values of always feeling safe, heard and respected.

These are the values I carry into my doula work. I want women to feel safe, heard and respected throughout their entire pregnancy, birth & postpartum, where they can be informed of all their options, so they can make the right choice for them, their baby and their family.

I was blessed to have such a positive postpartum, spending my days on the couch breastfeeding, staring at my perfect baby constantly and not worrying about anything or anyone else. But postpartum during lockdowns was anything but easy, that village I heard so much about just never showed up.  With plenty of time to reflect on my pregnancy and birth, I dived into all things physiological birth, realising that I was never truly informed of my choices and ultimately ignored my intuition.

I believe as Women and Mother’s we all intuitively know what birth feels right for us and need non-judgemental support, evidence-based information and a loving understanding to carry, birth and raise our babies.

As my client you are my priority, and I will be by your side no matter what your birthing journey brings.

I will support you in hospital, a homebirth or a freebirth, I will always hear you, respect you and ensure you feel safe and loved in my care.

My name is Jarrah McIntosh, and I am an emerging doula training with the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.

I am based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

I offer a free consultation at your home to get to know you and see if I am the right fit for your most sacred and transformative time in your life.

If you would like to chat more about how I can support you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum transformation then please contact me.

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