Kirsty Peckham

Northern Territory

Hello and welcome,

If you’ve found your way here it is likely that you are ready to embrace yourself as the keeper of your birth and motherhood.

When a woman gives birth to her baby, she also gives birth to her new being. The transformation from maiden to mother is unique to each woman and should be treated so.

Over time, women have been conditioned to fear birth and doubt their physical abilities. Birth is moving further away from its physiological roots and finding home in a more medicalised setting. It is my belief that all women possess the power to step into their Matrescence feeling powerful and nurtured.

My name is Kirsty and I am a birth and post-partum doula.

Through the birth of my own two children (Caesarean and VBAC) it became obvious to me the importance of evidence-based knowledge and understanding the physiology of birth.

As your doula, my business is you, the birthing mother. Ensuring you are at the centre of all decisions regarding your care. Gently guiding and nurturing you through the journey so you can step into the next chapter feeling supported, strong, and connected to your birth.

By helping you tap into and rediscover your power, giving you the tools and support to birth with confidence. It is my belief that a nurtured, well supported mother is the foundation to a thriving family.

My name is Kirsty Peckham and I am a doula who has trained through the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services please contact me:

0416 569 215

[email protected]




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