Book Review: Reclaiming Childbirth As A Rite of Passage

Book Review written by Jacqui Harris
Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage: Weaving Ancient Wisdom with Modern Knowledge by Dr Rachel Reed.

The childbirth revolution is HERE!

THIS book – so deftly written by Rachel is a MUST read for anyone (and everyone) in the birthing world; whether that be mothers, expecting parents, healthcare workers, educators, birthing support people, and birth workers of all kinds; Past, Present and Future.

Informative, Evidence-based and Empowering this book will equip all who read it with an awakening and knowledge that it is time to change the culture of childbirth and for women to remember and step into their power. 

Reclaiming Childbirth As A Rite of Passage shares wisdom that has long been lost in the culture of birth today. Rachel informatively weaves ‘what was’ and how ‘what is now’ has actually come to be and ‘why’ we do the things we do today.

Up-to-date statistics are expertly entwined with detailed experiences and scenarios of physiological birth versus the medicalised methods of birthing we see dominating in our current society. This text creates a rich, one of a kind fabric; a holistic and evidence-based framework for understanding birth and birthing culture.


Part One: The Warp Rachel takes us on a journey through the Herstory of women and childbirth over the centuries.

Part Two; The Weft we follow the story of Eve through the physiological stages of labour and childbirth which Rachel has appropriately termed Preparation, Separation, Liminality, Emergence and Integration – whilst interweaving and referring back to the medicalised definitions and terminology of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages of labour.

Lastly Rachel includes the Rites of Passage of a Medicalised Birth and its importance, necessity and place in the evolution and revolution of childbirth.

When it comes to childbirth we as women only have to remember – Remember that it is we/you/her who hold the power, the wisdom, the strength, and capability to bring life into the world. Just as we breath and our hearts beat… We birth.

You don’t question your ability to take that next breath or your hearts ability to continue to beat… Our bodies and our babies are made perfectly to labour and birth effectively, naturally and entirely – safely.

Women who read this book are able to remember and acquire a sense and understanding of what birth ought to be when women own and rule their own birth and body.

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