Book Review – Your Baby, Your Birth

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“Your Baby, Your Birth” written by Hollie De Cruz
Book review by Emma Furner (Doula)


“Your Baby, Your Birth” by Hollie De Cruz is a comprehensive guide that empowers expectant parents to approach childbirth with confidence and trust in their body’s natural ability to give birth. De Cruz, a renowned birth expert and founder of the award-winning London Hypnobirthing, shares her knowledge, insights, and practical techniques to help pregnant women navigate their unique birth journey.


In “Your Baby, Your Birth,” Hollie De Cruz takes a holistic approach to childbirth, emphasizing the importance of personalised birth experiences and informed decision-making. The book covers various topics, including understanding the physiology of birth, managing pain, creating a supportive birth environment, and promoting positive mindset and relaxation techniques.

Key Themes and Highlights:

Empowerment and Choice: Hollie De Cruz advocates for active involvement and informed decision-making throughout the birthing process. She encourages readers to explore different options, ask questions, and make choices that align with their values and desires.

Mind-Body Connection: The book explores the power of the mind-body connection during birth. De Cruz provides valuable techniques such as hypnobirthing, breathing exercises, visualization, and affirmations to help readers cultivate a calm and positive mindset.

Birth Environment: De Cruz emphasizes the significance of creating a supportive birth environment, whether it be at home, a birthing center, or a hospital. She offers practical tips on creating a relaxing atmosphere, communicating with birth partners and healthcare providers, and advocating for personal preferences. She encourages women and their partners to be specific in their needs, be thorough in their search for the ideal care provider and she even goes as far as advising a list of questions for any potential midwives or obstetricians in the hopes of having the best support possible. She speaks of how if things aren’t aligning with a care provider, it is okay to look elsewhere for the support that is needed to get women the birth preferences they desire.

Pain Management: “Your Baby, Your Birth” provides insights into pain management techniques beyond traditional methods. De Cruz explores natural pain relief approaches, such as breathing techniques, movement, massage, and hypnobirthing, offering readers a variety of tools to manage discomfort during labor. Hollie goes into detail around the options that are available before delving into medical intervention and medicated pain relief options which I think is very valuable for women facing birth for the first time to be aware of.

Partner Involvement: The book acknowledges the importance of birth partners and provides guidance on how they can actively participate and provide support during labor. De Cruz offers practical advice on communication, relaxation techniques, and involvement in decision-making.


“Your Baby, Your Birth” is a comprehensive and empowering guide for expectant parents, offering a refreshing perspective on childbirth. Hollie De Cruz’s expertise and passion shine through as she addresses common fears, dispels myths, and equips readers with practical tools and knowledge to approach birth with confidence and positivity.

One of the book’s strengths is its focus on individualized experiences, recognizing that every birth journey is unique and different to the next. De Cruz’s emphasis on informed decision-making empowers readers to take an active role in their birth experience, promoting a sense of ownership and agency.

The book is well-structured, combining personal anecdotes, evidence-based information, and practical exercises. De Cruz’s writing style is engaging and relatable, making complex concepts accessible to readers from various backgrounds and levels of birthing knowledge. Its easy to follow along and get sucked in with the adaptations of lived experiences, while Hollie writes in a way she is speaking directly to her readers.

While “Your Baby, Your Birth” predominantly focuses on natural and holistic approaches to birth, it is inclusive and respectful of different birth choices and circumstances. However, readers seeking a more medical or intervention-focused approach might find some sections less relevant to their specific needs.

Overall, “Your Baby, Your Birth” is a valuable resource for expectant parents seeking a comprehensive guide to childbirth. Hollie De Cruz’s passion for empowering parents and promoting positive birth experiences shines through, making this book an essential read for anyone preparing for the transformative journey of childbirth.

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