Book Review – Life After Birth

Life After Birth: A Guide to Prepare, Support and Nourish You Through Motherhood 
Book written by: Jessica Prescott and Vaugne Geary
Book review written by Doula, Tanielle French of Mother Rising Doula.

Life After Birth is amazingly written and is very valuable resource for new parents, regardless of what number baby, whether it be 1, 3, or even 6!

Jess and Vaugne have touched on so many topics that your friends, family and other mums and even health professionals just don’t share with new parents and parents to be, but it is ever so important and needs to be shared and spoken about more.

Life After Birth really is the postpartum bible, it doesn’t just prepare you for honouring you postpartum but the months and years beyond that. With everything you need to know from how to prepare during pregnancy, foods to fill your pantry with, a breastfeeding a guide, what types of things you should expect and actually go through after you’ve had your baby, nutrition, herbal support, sex after baby and parenting tips and so much more! And also including sections on the unspoken and taboo topics, like postpartum rage, miscarriage, infant loss and abortion and how to support a loved one through perinatal loss and grief. Plus a great section for the dads too!

There is also over 30 herbal and simple, yet delicious recipes included in this book that not only you but your family will love too.

I loved this book from the moment I started reading it, and I wish it was around when I was pregnant with my first baby 5 years ago! This book is a must read for any pregnant women and their partners or anyone thinking about starting a family or any birth or postpartum worker. And is one that I will be recommending to everyone and gifting to loved ones when they become pregnant.

Life After Birth is informative and evidence based and will help you step into your new chapter of life feeling prepared, supported, resourced and nourished. It really is a must have book!

I am in no way affiliated with them but head to Mama Goodness if you’d like to purchase the book. I really cannot recommend it enough!

My name is Tanielle French, and I am a qualified birth and postpartum doula trained through the Doula Training Academy. I am based in Melbourne’s West and can be contacted on the details below:

0468 835 316

[email protected]



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