Adrienn Kovacs

As someone who has always been impassioned by pregnancy and birth, I never realized how much I had left to learn until came the time to have my own child.

The birth of my first child, Abel, had me experience how empowering birth can be. I was well supported in a birth centre setting and felt calm and prepared through my use of relaxation techniques.

Everything went as I had hoped.

This was the perfect beginning to becoming a confident and nurturing mother, bonding easily with my baby.

After this fantastic birth, I fell into a postpartum depression and could not cope with breastfeeding, social connections, everyday life the way I wanted to be. It is then that I realized how much ones postpartum experience can shape the parent and person that they become and how important it is to have a positive birth and postpartum space, feeling emotionally and physically supported and heard.

My journey to healing has been immensely rewarding as I dove into the birthing and postpartum world.

I realized that although I could not change the past, I could certainly influence the future by helping parents have empowering and positive birth experiences.

I am dedicated to supporting birthing parents and their partners achieve the birth that they want, whatever that may look like, along with supporting them throughout their pregnancy and with their newborn at home.

You are strong and capable and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and who truly care is essential for you to be able to tap into your deepest strengths. I look forward to helping you reach the depths of your abilities so that you can experience birth as it should be, for you.

My name is Adrienn, a Sydney-based doula, trained by Vicki Hobbs (Doula Training Academy) and I am happy to give you more information about my services, so please contact me:

Fire In Her Belly Doula Services

0468 920 677

[email protected]



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