Ashleigh Rankin

My name is Ash, and I am a mother of two beautiful girls, located on the North Coast of NSW.

During my first labour, my partner and I went in extremely naïve, uneducated, and with no one to advocate for us and as a result, the labour and birth were traumatic.

I walked out of the hospital, 3 days after major abdominal surgery with no clue and a complete lack of confidence. I felt forced into my brand-new parenting journey with trauma and fear. Trying to heal from birth trauma while being a newborn parent felt impossible.

My second caesarean, while still unplanned, was an entirely different experience thanks to my doula and my confidence. I stepped (or rolled) out of the operating theatre ready to take on my new world. My planned VBAC didn’t happen, but the birth was triumphant because of the support and confidence I had behind me.

1 in 3 births result in trauma. That’s 30% of birthing parents trying to heal during an already intense time of their life.

My hope is to help to prevent birth trauma by helping parents find their voice so that they can advocate for themselves and take their birth into their own hands.

I firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to birth, and that education and confidence are the key to a positive birth experience. This is why I would be honoured to sit with you in the time leading up to your birthing day to discuss and release any fears surrounding labour, birth and postpartum to allow you to freely embrace the power that you hold within yourself.

The job of the doula is not to take over from the birth partner. In fact, if you have a birth partner, I put a huge emphasis on how important their role can be. Having a doula present allows your birth partner to put all of their focus on you so that they don’t have to run out of the room looking for water or for heat packs. Your doula can take care of all of the external comforts while you can focus entirely on relaxing throughout your birth.

I often hear people say ‘birth isn’t beautiful, it’s painful or [insert negative description here]. But why do we settle for that experience of birth? This is the first day of your child’s life, why shouldn’t we aim for beautiful? Why shouldn’t we aim for a memorable experience that makes us tear up with fondness every time our baby’s birthday passes?

Throughout pregnancy I will give you strategies that we can utilise through labour to manage the sensations and face the labour with strength, courage and power. My goal is for you to walk out of birth feeling on top of the world and ready for the first steps of parenthood.

My name is Ashleigh Rankin of Surrender Birth Services. I am a qualified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me:

0423 740 321

[email protected]





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