Atheerah Sheikh Fuad

“When a woman is trusted, and has a safe space, who can be comfortable with who she is and is confident in her mind, body and soul, there will be light in the path of her future generations”

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to this journey.

My name is Atheerah Sheikh Fuad, and I am trained as a pregnancy and birth doula with Doula Training Academy. I also have 8 years of experience being a virtual doula with Mamas from overseas prior to my training with Vicki Hobbs.

A year or more ago I thought my calling to be a doula began with the pregnancy of my eldest son 13 years ago. The truth is that it began with me being the big sister to my 5 siblings. And now a Mother to 4 sons, protector, nurturer, carer are some words that describe me. Family, trust, and respect are values I hold close as a guardian.

I have had various experiences in my childbearing journey. They all made me discover the inner strength that all women hold. Four births and one miscarriage have taught me to trust my body and to persevere. To have hope. Our childbearing journey is a steppingstone towards motherhood. It goes beyond pregnancy and giving birth. How you see this journey you are in right now, how you feel, will gear you up in raising your child/ren.

My personal mission has and always will be to educate women to prepare herself holistically *before* she enters the birthing room. As your doula we begin by creating connections in our first consultation. Your comfort and our ability to trust each other will help us in building your self-confidence and seek your inner wisdom. I can provide you a safe space by listening to your wants and needs as well as your fears and worries.

Being in the world of birth for the past 13 years has brought an awareness on how important physiological births are in our world now as it helps strengthen our emotional, mental and spiritual being. Mothers need to know what continuous support and trusting herself means. I was blessed to have a village when I was most vulnerable in my pregnancies and during postpartum. I want to be that guiding help for my Mamas.

As your doula, I will assist you, with evidence-based resources, also sharing my knowledge and experiences so you are confident in using your voice. When you are confident with knowledge, finding courage to birth your child into this world and raising him or her up will be easier. I will be with you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as a familiar reliable face.

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a spiritual rite of passage. A transition that requires you to release all inhibitions and surrender. And when you let go, leaving your ego at the door, the veil opens up to show true grace and will leave you empowered and also exhilarated.

I am Atheerah the Doula.

If you’d like me to accompany you on your journey, please contact me.

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Atheerah the Doula

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