Bonnie Jensen - Student Doula

My name is Bonnie Jensen, I’m a Student Doula & Birth Coach.

I live in Regional Queensland on a little farm with my husband and 6 beautiful children with another one on the way. They all have been natural and unmedicated births, which I’m lucky to experience.

I also did hypnobirthing with 4 children and found how relaxing, stress free, easier labours they were compared to my first and second.

So the reason I have decided to become a doula is for many reasons:

  • I love pregnancy and labour (as weird as that sounds but it’s my adrenaline rush), but I love seeing women pregnant and go through labour – it’s a beautiful gift to experience.
  • I also love helping and giving support / ideas on how to care for a newborn (feeding, bathing etc.).
  • I am also devoted to helping other mothers through pregnancy and postpartum.
  • I have always had a strong connection towards babies, pregnancy and birth as I love seeing woman experience the cycle of life they have created, and that’s when I knew I wanted to educate women to accomplish the circle of life and that they are strong enough to do it all with confidence and with their partners and my support.

If you choose me as your doula I will be there to support you (and your partner) physically, mentally, and emotionally during your pregnancy and labour.

I will help you with breathing techniques, birth positioning, mind control and relaxation so you can accomplish a less stressful and positive, calming, and focused labour with the right support from me, as I know each woman has her goals through pregnancy / birth, and my purpose is to find out what’s important to you.

I am also open minded and will not judge you of the choices you make with your birthing plan as its your journey to parenthood.

I will listen to your concerns and questions you have even if you think they are silly.

I will be focused on your needs / wants as they are important and I want you to feel comfortable in discussing your issues with me.

I also offer the first week postpartum to help around the house to getting groceries even making meals, just to make you and your partner stress free and to enjoy your first week of parenthood with no worries.

My name is Bonnie Jensen and I am a Doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to discuss with me about your birthing options and find out how to achieve a birth that’s relaxing, confident, supporting and connected to yourself / partner please feel free to contact me:

Business Name:
Mothers Calming Birth

Business Email:
[email protected]

0422 990 821

Web page:

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