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Hey There!

I am Danni Lovell, Owner of Birth Tribe and a student doula at Doula Training Academy.

I am a Mother to three amazing humans, identical twin boys Hudson + Cooper (5) and our baby girl Indie (1) and wife to my incredible husband Cowan.

I am a lover of coffee, chocolate, wine and carbs.

I pride myself on my organisational and productivity skills, I love creating a spread sheet for everything and have a very driven mindset. Since having children, I let go of my corporate climbing the ladder lifestyle and have connected so intuitively with my mind, body + soul.

I am open minded, I practice yoga, I meditate and believe that the universe has always got my back.

My family means the world to me, I believe in attachment parenting, co-sleeping, talking about our emotions, being gentle with nature and focusing our lifestyle on a plant-based diet.

I am a business owner, wife and mother balancing everything I love in a constant ebb and flow. Without these roles I would not be the person I am today, fulfilling my purposes in life and that is to support other Mothers and families. As a mother of three children I know how challenging the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period can be physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was out of my own experiences of giving birth and being reborn as a mother where a power was activated within my soul, my existence was redefined and I knew in that very moment that I wanted to be a part of the radical change of normalising childbirth.

I am currently furthering my education with the Doula Training Academy with all inspiring Vicki Hobbs.

Whether you are planning a vaginal birth, caesarean, hospital birth or home birth I want to ensure that you are being supported and you are educated in your options. I will help you take this transitional life change back to the raw basics and allow you to connect with your innate wisdom so you can delve into what your heart truly desires. I will create a space for you to be able to explore your birthing preferences while respecting your choices without judgement.

As your doula I will talk you through ways of managing and working with your functioning and labouring body and guiding your birth partner to feel confident and capable in providing support. Through natural and holistic tools and services I want you to feel empowered, informed and to hold trust in your capable body.

I will also be there to help you create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment so you are able to rest, recover both physically and mentally and to impart a sense of confidence and calm to your postpartum weeks while you adjust to the shift of maiden to mother.

I am continuously sharing information on my social media accounts on both Instagram and Facebook, so please take a look so we can connect.

To become a Mother is a Rite of Passage, a walk over the threshold into a completely new reality that transforms us as a whole.

My role as your doula is to allow you to channel your innate wisdom and inner strength to write your own birth journey, you are in control of the narrative. It is a Mother’s intuition that exists in every woman alive and within every woman that has ever lived, it is waiting for your recognition.

Explore it, develop it, use it, trust it, own it.

Danni x

If you would like to have a chat to me about your birthing and postpartum options, please contact me:

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Birth Tribe

Business Email
[email protected]

Mobile Phone:
0422 222 071

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