Hi there! I’m Dr Ashleigh. Welcome to Birth Balance Pregnancy Care.

As a paediatric and pregnancy focused Chiropractor, I have enjoyed over a decade of private practice, working with women from preconception, throughout pregnancy, and during the postpartum journey. I witness the miracles, the challenges, the blessings, and the hardships of pregnancy, birth, and the transition into motherhood.

I provide a unique professional service to the many pregnant women in my Chiropractic practice. “Aligning women for positive births” is what I do. Trained in Spinning Babies techniques, Optimal Maternal Positioning, Orgasmic Birth, Webster Technique, and many other pregnancy and birth specific skills, I have a diverse toolkit for supporting you.

My experienced hands-on skills and my heart-centred approach are at the core of my life and work.

I love the mergence of my passions into this new “Chirodoula” role!

I believe that to improve the rates of positive birth experiences, we need to return to our innate wisdom and reconnect with our feminine power to naturally and gently birth our babies. The benefits of choosing to birth with a supportive doula are numerous!

A doula can provide physical and emotional support to both mother and partner, provide empowering birth education and advocate for your desired birth plan, and share the calming reassurance needed to reduce fear throughout pregnancy and labour, so you too can achieve a positive birth.

My path to becoming a ‘Chirodoula’ began after the life-changing home water birth of our son in 2017. The collective skills and energy of the women in our home that evening helped create a safe and connected space for my husband and I to achieve a beautiful, gentle birth. It was this experience that compelled me to study with the Doula Training Academy as I would love to help other women experience this feeling of empowerment, connection, and trust, regardless of how you bring your baby into the world.

I currently work with women in private practice only, with a focus on gently optimising pelvic and spinal function and alignment, but will happily refer you to my trusted doula network for doula-specific services.

If you feel that my gentle chiropractic care could benefit you through your pregnancy journey and beyond, please connect with me so we can chat and learn more about each other.

In health and happiness,
Dr Ashleigh Bond

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