Emma Goodin

Perth Metro

My name is Emma and I am the birth doula with a big smile and big laugh.

I offer continuous non-medical, emotional and physical support to birthing families. I am also a mother to my cheeky daughter, a wife, an artist and a high-school teacher. Our little family of three lives in the Perth hills of Western Australia. I enjoy the calmer, more heart-warming things in life – like cups of good coffee, bush walks with my husband, family games nights, shameless Disney movie binges, big furry dog cuddles and cooking way too much pasta Bolognese.

My journey as a mama, has taught me many things. Mamahood is one big rollercoaster ride. One thing that has stood out to me the most, is just how important support is. Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but we can’t do this on our own. Mamas need support systems that make them feel safe, loved and encouraged. This is especially true for birth. As your doula, I will be a part of your support system. I do not take the place of a birth partner, a midwife or a doctor. Instead, I can offer you continuous emotional and physical support to help you prepare your body for birth, and give you the tools and techniques to maximise your birth experience. As your doula, my wish for you is to have a calm, confident and connected mama journey.

It is important that we build a strong and connected professional relationship focused on trust and warmth. So click the links above to learn more about me, discover what lead me to become a birth doula and see if I’d be a good match for you and your mama journey.

“Calm birth – Connected body – Confident mama”


My Name is Emma Goodin and I am Your Birth Mama. I’m a doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like to discuss with me about your birthing options and find out how you can achieve a birth that is calm, connected and confident please feel free to contact me.

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