Emma Nickholds

Northern Territory

Education, support and advocacy for you and your baby is what matters to me most!

My name is Emma and I am the business owner of From Womb to World.

I am a mum of one (it’s still crazy to think!), army wife and coffee snob.

My background is fitness and looking back it is a little nuts to think I was at the gym lifting weights the morning of my birth. Fitness has allowed a seamless transition into the world of birth, with the foundation of anatomy and physiology.

Whilst my little boy was a quick, 3 hour home birth, do not think that this is my expectation of you and your birth. I am not here to judge, but here to make your unique and individual birth positive for you, your partner, and your baby. Whether that is a physiological birth, VBAC, caesarean, whether that be public, private or at home, I want you to be safe and comfortable with your well educated decisions.

My love is for education. Educating yourself and your partner so you can go into your birth with the utmost confidence in your birth plan, your mind and body as well as the possible unexpected changes that you may face on the day.

I will educate you using research and knowledge, giving you the resources you need and the conversations you can have, so you don’t need to trawl the internet for hours during your pregnancy (unless you are like me and love to do so!). I have set up the information and our sessions in a way that make them not just informative but also easy to navigate and simple to comprehend. Something that is often hard to come by within the birth world which can, at times, be overwhelming, confusing, and confronting.

Being any army wife means that I move states often, however being a Virtual Doula means I can educate and support you, no matter where either of us are located. If you are keen for face to face support, I would love nothing more to chat over a coffee and be present at your birth. Fingers crossed we are in the same state and we can make that happen. I also understand what it is like to birth in a state where you have no family and being a Defence Spouse can sometimes be isolating.

Support can be a great asset during pregnancy and birth, which I would like to think I can be for you.

If you don’t mind me saying, I am amazing at working independently and within a team. The great thing is that because I am orderly, organised, systematic, and controlled in my thinking, it means you don’t have to be.

I am extremely decisive in my decision making and take methodical steps to problem solving without giving up easily. There are always options, it is just about communicating the problem and figuring out a way that makes every comfortable.

If you would love to chat and think we may be a great fit, whether you are in your first, second, third or fourth trimester, I would love to hear from you. Lets have a conversation and see where it takes us.


From Womb to World

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