Freya Parre

WA - Southwest

Hey Mothers & Fathers.

I am Freya – A doula living in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.

I love living amongst the wild forests of the south and bring this respect and honouring of the earth – ‘The Mother’ into all I do.

As a doula what excites me is supporting mothers in my local communities (Denmark & Albany) to feel deeply prepared – to confidently, safely and joyously birth their baby.

I want women I work with to feel heard, celebrated, nurtured and held by me as their doula and by their wider community. Supporting mothers and families to build community around them during this time is something I see as very important.

My professional background alongside birth work is in anthropology, rights of passage and women’s empowerment- which influences my approach as a doula.

My approach is holistic, providing education and skilled support balanced with a focus on the mothers emotional, mental and spiritual rebirth throughout the pregnancy.

My service of providing skilled support continually throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period also extends beyond the mother to the partner and family. I am deeply passionate about supporting partners to feel equipped and confident in their role as advocate and primary support person.

It would be an honour to be apart of your birthing journey along side you and your family, so please reach out if you would like to work with me.

Business Name:
Earth Birthing

0408 159 040

[email protected]

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