Grace Siwinski - Student Doula

New South Wales

My name is Grace and I live in Narrabeen, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

I am married to Paul and after an IVF journey, we had a beautiful little boy named Banjo and fortunately, naturally conceived our sweet daughter Daisy.

I love my family, of course, but I also love…. the absolute wonder that is birth!

I’ve been a ‘birth nerd’ for a very long time and I am so excited for every Mumma who is about to go through what is a truly life changing, transformative experience. I understand what a miracle pregnancy is, that it’s a precious, special and exciting time. However, it can also be a time of anticipation, endless questions and sometimes fear, especially of the birth itself. My role is dedicated to ensuring your whole pregnancy, birth and beyond is nurtured and positive.

Birth comes in all shapes and sizes and regardless of how your baby is brought earthside, you are just as powerful and womanly as the next person. This is your experience and all I want for you is to ‘love your birth’. My aim is for you to only think positive thoughts when reflecting on your birth, to say “I DID THAT, and I did it my way and it was the best”. I want your birth to set you up for a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy post-partum and parenthood journey.

I am so passionate about the role of your partner. I am there to support and compliment you and your partner, ensuring that together you are both heroes on the day. My aim is for them to love this experience just as much as you.

There are so many beautiful, positive ways that women give birth, and every journey should be celebrated. Your baby’s birth is the first page of this next ginormous chapter in your life. Together, let’s make it a great first page!

As a Doula, I service the entire Northern Beaches and some parts of Sydney. I own a SLR camera and can also photograph your labour and birth at no extra cost if it doesn’t impact on my role as a doula.

My name is Grace Siwinski, and I am an emerging doula who is training at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me:

0400 397 742

[email protected]




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