Harriet Thomson

Hi, I’m Harriet Thomson from Your Birth Your Way.

I am a home-schooling mum of three, animal lover and doula based south of the river of Perth, Western Australia.

Having studied Psychology and Teaching at University and moved from the UK to Australia. I have a passion for adventure and knowledge, and a deep nurturing side and love learning and being challenged personally and professionally.

When I’m not parenting / home-schooling my three kids or doula-ing, I’m probably at the beach, reading, or having a cup of tea!

I have been fascinated with childbirth ever since I became pregnant with my firstborn.

Growing up the only stories I had heard about childbirth was that it was painful and scary. I knew there had to be another way.

During my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I carried out a research project on pain and the mind; delving into how much of an impact fear of pain and expecting pain and discomfort can have on the actual physical feeling of pain.

The mind is an immensely powerful thing.

Therefore, I knew that, surely, it would be possible to convince myself that birth wasn’t as bad as everyone had told me and then to have a relatively pain free birth.

I began researching and reading and, despite being transferred to hospital during the birth of my firstborn ended up having an incredibly positive birth experience.

I have since gone on to have two water births through midwifery-led care and all these experiences have demonstrated to me the power and importance of women taking care of, and nurturing, women during birth.

I want to break that cycle of fear and trauma that is rife in the birth world.

My daughters were present during my son’s birth because I wanted to show them the power of women and that birth is nothing to hide and be afraid of.

Although I’m done having babies of my own, I am not done with this mission.

I want to help and support other women in their births, whatever shape or form that may take, and give them the tools to have an empowered and positive birth experience.

My personal philosophy is to respect and support all families. Although I bring plenty of knowledge and experience to the table you are the expert in your birth and your body. I will share what I have learned but also want to understand and learn about the unique experiences and particular values of your family.

I would be deeply privileged to support you on the wild and beautiful journey that is pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

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Your Birth Your Way

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