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My name is Kate Vivian and I am a doula with the Doula Training Academy.

Are you ready for the barrage of unsolicited advice? Because, congratulations! You’re pregnant!

Random people stopping you in shopping centres telling you their horror stories.

Hearing a never-ending list of things you can and can’t do. And things you are ‘not allowed’ to do.

The moment you announce your pregnancy it seems that everyone has an opinion. Or wants to tell you all about their terrible birth. Or maybe you have experienced a birth previously that didn’t go the way you were expecting.

With all this going on, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed or scared of birth. But you don’t have to go on feeling like this. You can have a truly positive birth. You can have a journey into life as a new mum (or mum to a new baby) that feels calm and connected. Like you are doing things on your own terms.

This is your birth and your baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, your feelings matter. Your decisions matter. You matter.

My name is Kate Vivian – I’m a mum to three beautiful girls, a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner; VBAC educator; Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Ambassador; pre and postnatal exercise specialist, and postpartum doula.

I walked into my first birth with my eyes wide shut. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
I’d heard all the horror stories and had a blind optimism that I wasn’t going to be one of them. I thought I could just go with the flow and everything would be ok.

I was wrong. I did end up going with the flow during my first birth, only it wasn’t my flow. It was my midwife’s, my obstetrician’s flow, the hospital’s flow – it was everyone’s flow but mine.

My first birth experience was one that left me reeling, overwhelmed with guilt that I hadn’t given my baby the best start in life. That I had failed her. That if I had prepared differently, perhaps I would have had a different outcome.

My next two more births were completely different. They were incredible, powerful experiences, both vaginal births after caesareans (VBACs) that changed not only the way I viewed birth but the way I began my parenting journey.

I had stepped into my power. I had found the confidence to ask questions and make the best decisions for myself and my baby.

It was this transformation and understanding that birth really can be incredible that has led me here wanting to support you so that you can step into your power and give birth on your terms.

As your doula I will be there to support you (and your partner) physically, emotionally and mentally during your pregnancy and birth. I’m like your own personal cheerleader, supporting you to find your voice and to have the confidence to use it. I want you to feel confident and supported to step into your power, give birth on your own terms and start your journey into parenthood feeling like you have found your superpower!

My name is Kate Vivian and I’m working towards my doula training with the Doula Training Academy. If you want to feel supported and empowered to give birth on your own terms then please contact me using the links above or call me on 0407 127 080.

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