Laure-Anne Binet - Student Doula

Birth companion and massage therapist
Every woman deserves a doula

I provide coaching for families expecting. I make sure we are a good match and provide information and resources so you can decide how you prefer to birth, how a tight birth team is what matters to give you the best chance for the birth you dream of.

I will show compassion, lend a loving ear and offer reassurance when needed. I am also here if things do not go to plan and with my experience with massage I will help prepare your bodies (both parents ) for birth and post partum.

I know how to be calm and I know how to cheer and be uplifting when needed, I am intuitive and I have a lot of strength, physical and mental and this is what I am bringing into the birth space.

I am part of the change: making everything about pregnancy, birth, mothering, our women’s bodies be normal.

I am also working towards making the representations of different bodies, ways of birthing, feeding be more accessible to everyone  so we all feel normal and accepted. I am a woman of colour of Asian ancestry with a European upbringing/white education and I understand diversity is vital.

It is an honour and privilege for me to be invited into the birth space and I will respect you and your family and I promise to provide you with the best care possible.

My name is Laure-Anne (pronounced like Laura + “n” Laurann) and I am in the Fremantle area, WA. My interests are about the body intelligence, as a body and birth worker in connection with the mind and soul. I love nature because we have so much to learn from her and to be reminded that we are part of nature too.

Connect with me and for more information on my doula services contact me directly.

Business name:
Laure-Anne Massage Therapist and Birth Doula


0473 441 544

[email protected]



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