Lucy Cotellessa - Student Doula

South Australia

I’m Lucy and I am the loving, holistic doula behind my business Little Lucè based in Adelaide, SA.

Having an Italian background, Lucè (loo-cheh) is derived from the origin of my name directly translating to light; feeling light in our bodies and bringing light into this world. Fittingly enough, even if the pronunciation is Luce (loose), we want to be loosey goosey for childbirth! So, with these multidimensional meanings of Lucy, the business Little Lucè was birthed.

I have been on a continuous journey of self-discovery since I reached a low point in my life, in which I suffered with anxiety and low self-worth. Not having a strong, prominent feminine role-model in my life, I never knew what it felt like to lead from a place of power, fearlessness and self-assurance. I’m now discovering the full potential of the feminine essence, admittedly I’m still learning, but the journey in finding out is my reclamation.

I decided to make a change each day to show up for myself and in doing so, I noticed the drastic changes that started happening. The connection I formed to my authentic self, almost like meeting myself for the first time again, standing strong in my boundaries and finding my voice. I want that for all woman, that is our birth right. That is what I can bring forward in our connection, the tried, tested and approved methods that will skyrocket you towards your highest potential to embody the true, unstoppable feminine spirit, especially during the most vulnerable, raw, womanly experience one can go through, childbirth.

I now live and breathe all things holistic health, having studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, a Diploma in Remedial Massage, Yoga Teacher Training in India, Reiki Level 1 and Doula Training with Doula Training Academy in Perth. I like to view myself as a one-stop-shop for all things natural health, consider me your Human Wholefoods.

There absolutely is light beyond the shadows, beyond the doubt, fear and anxiety. You are allowed to take up space and be heard, and if you allow me to walk alongside you on this journey as the strong, prominent feminine role-model, that will allow you to step into your own feminine power so you can birth your little bundle of lucè into the now even brighter world.

My name is Lucy Cotellessa, or Luce, and I am a loving and experienced birth worker with experience in the holistic realm of doula, massage, reiki, nutrition and yoga. If you’d like to find out more about your birthing options, please contact me so we can set up a meeting and let’s get Loosey Goosey together!

Business Name:
Little Lucè

Business Email:
[email protected]

0447 847 725



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