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Spirit Remedy – Melinda Leigh, Doula – “Your Birth, Your Way”

Hi! I’m Melinda Leigh. I’m a mother, a doula, and a budding creative from Toowoomba in QLD. My mission is to help support women to create confident and connected experiences through birth and beyond.

After experiencing significant anxiety and panic attacks more than 5 years ago and losing my best friend to a drug overdose at the age of 30, I really began to “wake up” to the life I was living and found myself wanting to live a  more purposeful life.  However it wasn’t until my divorce a few years later that I was really given the opportunity to “reinvent” myself and start living a more purposeful life.  At one of the many personal development trainings courses I attended over the years I was asked a very simple question while diving into the subject of “finding my purpose”.  That question was this… “When have you felt the most inspired in life?”  Without even having to think about the question, I responded “the very first time I held my babies.”

Whilst I have three beautiful daughters of my own, I would never claim that at any point of my pregnancy or birth that I felt empowered in my choices.  I felt fear and anguish and was, at the time, completely unaware as to the educational choices available to me in creating more confidence.  With only being offered the hospital’s short (and very limited) prenatal program to prepare for birth, I did enrol myself into a breastfeeding course towards the end of my first pregnancy which provided the space to feel confident in at least one aspect of the experiences that I was soon to have.

On reflection of my own birth experiences, what I came to realise that like myself, many women carry this inherent fear which blocks their intuition and self-confidence when it comes to what is a very natural life process.  I also came to realise that, over the years, the medical industry has taken over control of this natural process by adding their own fear-based biased processes.  Women are pushing back, and I am excited to be a part of the process in helping support women in their birth choices.

I stand by, “Your Birth, Your Way”, which means that I am not just advocating for women who are wanting to create a home birth and completely ditch the medical system altogether, I am advocating for all women to actively support their birth choices without judgement, whatever they are, so they feel confident in those choices.  My belief is a well-educated, well-supported, confident woman births a confident baby and the world can certainly do with more confident humans!

I provide myself in being a very calm and patient person with a positive mindset with an openness to listen to people’s concerns and opinions and help provide the resources they need to support their choices.

My name is Melinda Leigh and I am a Doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy under the guidance of Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to talk more about my services, please contact me.

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