Michaela Olovsson - Student Doula

Formally Michaela, Mimmie to my friends, Mum to three and Aunty to a hundred – that is how my friend introduces me to anyone and everyone!

I am an emerging birth & postpartum doula & birth photographer servicing Northern Beaches & North Shore families.

Having had my babies across the world away from my family in Sweden and raised one of them as a single mum while still fighting for citizenship, I have had a taste of the importance of support myself.

There have been women in my life who have selflessly given their time, knowledge and love to ensure my postpartum journey was protected. Becoming a doula is my way of giving back into this world, as I feel in today’s mainstream there is a huge gap going from maiden to mother.

We have all this noise during pregnancy and birth and all of a sudden we are left with a baby and a household to keep alive all on our own. I am here to change that for Northern Beaches mums.

I believe in meeting you as a mother where you are and respect and support your decisions while providing the best research, resources and information available when you need it.

I understand pregnancy, birth & postpartum does not always come as an easy or empowering experience for everyone and I will be your in-person tool to guide you through all the noise, funnel it down and help you feel stronger & safer when it is time to bring your babe here.

It would be my honour to walk this journey with you and your family and would love to grab a coffee for a chat if you feel I am the right person for you!




[email protected]

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