Michelle McKechnie

My name is Michelle McKechnie, mother of 5, nanny of 3. I am a qualified education assistant who has a love for anything children and animals! I am excited to be following my natural passion by offering my services to you as a doula!

My goal is to fill in the missing gaps! I was introduced to motherhood at the tender age of 20, with my fifth birth in 2012. My experiences in this space were all unique, however with the more recent births of my three grandchildren, and my daughter’s despair as a midwife working in the system, I was drawn to play a positive role in the birth space. There is such a growing need for support, not only for mothers and families, but also for midwives in the hospital setting. I have noticed that the system has changed vastly over time and the continuity of care is decreasing causing an impact on health care providers and birthing families.

Navigating this journey from conception through pregnancy, birth and those crucial weeks after birth can be challenging if you don’t have the continuity of care and support you deserve.

I will provide you with the resources, tools, and the information you need to feel strong, safe, and supported throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. With evidence-based information you and your partner will be able to make informed decisions which feel right for you.

My name is Michelle McKechnie, and I am a doula who has trained through the Doula Training Academy.

If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me:

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Perth Doula Services

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[email protected]

0419 571 387



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