Nisah Razad

Hello, and a warm congratulations on your pregnancy! 

My name is Nisah, I’m a heart-centred birth doula offering highly individualised care for women who desire a physiological childbirth.

I’m a mother of two young children who were both born naturally in water. I’m from Christmas Island, am a lover of nature and have a background in health science. 

My calling to become a doula began after hearing too many stories of traumatic births. After having two beautiful births myself, guided by my own instincts, intuition, and knowledge from the books I read, I felt there was work to be done in guiding women through their pregnancies and to help anchor them into their own instincts and intuition. 

My calling is to bring childbirth back to nature, and to ultimately, remind you of your innate wisdom and power. 

I trust in your capabilities to birth your way. 

My work encompasses moving through your fears and harnessing your confidence by allowing you to absorb the information on childbirth physiology, receive energy work, human touch, and learning to embody self-belief through mantra’s, positive affirmations or meditation. 

I help you navigate the maternity system through birth cartography. This work is primarily based on managing your expectations so that you are emotionally and mentally prepared for unlikely scenarios that may pop up. 

I am a wonderful listener and part of being compassionate is offering a safe, non-judgemental space for you to speak your truth, no matter how it seems. I don’t believe in good or bad. 

My vision for all the mothers I support is for you to enter your birthing space with peace, and equipped with all the tools you have learnt whilst pregnant. You will know to trust your body. You will move how your body wants to move and you will make sounds you have never made before. You will discover your strengths and continue to use this power throughout Motherhood as you learn to advocate for your child.

I am Nisah from Mother Birth Doula. 

Welcome to your rebirth, a celebration to and through matrescence!

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