Oona Goldsmith

Perth Metro


My name is Oona, and I am a student Doula training with the Doula Academy led by Vicki Hobbs.

I am a doula in progress, mother, friend and big advocate of holistic lifestyle.

I am here to walk on your side to travel the road of motherhood and the first destination is birth.

Birthing has changed over the last few generations, and it is not for the benefit of the birthing woman. I want to be at your side to make sure you feel cared for and acknowledged.

As a doula I can give you and your birthing partner the support to feel prepared and ready for birth. I will guide you every step of the way and make sure you understand your options, risks and alternatives of birth and beyond.

It is a great adventure to become a mother and we should celebrate the woman creating life. You should have all the support and knowledge to find your own way of giving birth as every birth is as unique as you are.

Please feel free to get in touch for a carefree first catch up.

With love and gratitude

0402 240 654

[email protected]




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