Pushpa Loverh

International - Thailand

My name is Pushpa, I am a Doula and a qualified Naturopath .

I am a world citizen, avid and adventurous traveller, nutrient dense whole-food enthusiast, dog lover, and relentless spiritual seeker.

As a pregnancy, birth and postpartum Doula I am dedicated to providing continuous emotional, physical, and educational support to you and your partner. With a true commitment for all to have a positive and empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

The birth of a baby is a profound moment in life. I acknowledge this sacred time and seek to be there in your space with respect, love and care. It is my privilege to be a small part in your journey.

I believe a person doesn’t become a parent after their baby is born. Your parenthood journey has already begun long before the birth; it begins during pregnancy and continues well after the birth of your baby. I am a strong believer that the time during pregnancy, postpartum and the early stages of your baby’s life are as essential as the actual birth. As with all major life changes, it takes preparation, courage, self-belief and determination.

Know that I am there beside you, I am your biggest supporter; guiding and encouraging you along this incredible journey.

I understand the need for individualised support and care, there’s no one-size-fits-all. My role is to assist you through the decision making process. To provide evidence based information so you and your partner are empowered to be active participants and make informed decisions that honour your wants and needs.

I encourage you to reclaim your potential and power. You have a voice and deserve to express it. You have what it takes to pass through pregnancy, birth and ultimately parenthood with unwavering self-confidence and inner strength.

With love,

My name is Pushpa and I am a qualified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.

If you would like to talk more about your birthing options please contact me.

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Birthlings & Beyond

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