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Hello there, welcome to my page, and congratulations for making it this far to what will soon be one of the best decisions of your pregnancy/birthing journey!

A little bit about me. My name is Rachael, I am 32 years old born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. I am a mother of two beautiful girls ages 2 and 3. I am a student enrolled nurse, a student doula and an aspiring midwife.

In 2016 I fell pregnant with my first child. It was the cruisiest pregnancy I could have ever imagined. I had a very laid-back approach to pregnancy and birth – I was asked a few times if I was scared about birthing and I would respond “no”. I never over thought it and the idea didn’t frighten me. I was also not a reader so I didn’t do any education prior and went in to labour with the mind-set that the nurses and doctors will know what to do and make the best decisions for me and baby. Boy was I wrong. It is more now being a student nurse that I realise that hospital staff need to follow policies and procedures in a timeline sequence, so decisions made are not necessarily considering what is right for you or baby – but the easiest and ‘safest’ way for them to monitor your progress.

Skipping past the rest of that birth, I went in to my second pregnancy with a totally different mind-set in 2018. I hadn’t overcome my previous birth story and I had so many questions as to why things happened the way that they did due to experiencing little, to no communication. I knew what I wanted to do differently so I educated myself by doing a hypnobirthing course. This was amazing! It educated me on labour and birthing options, calming and breathing techniques, birthing positions and mainly that I had choices! Let’s just say that this birth was 10 times and more, better than my first experience, and that was due to being more educated.

The thing with birth, your world is changed whether you’re a first-time mum, second, third, etc. Your hormones go nuts, you live on broken sleep, you’re in demand 24/7 and responsible for a tiny human…but who supports you, the mum? I suffered severely with PPD more so after my second birth. I had two tiny humans who were 14 months apart, I had very limited immediate family to support me and to be vulnerable around – I felt like I needed to be strong, in control and carry-on, day in, and day out. I wish I had someone who was there for me during my pregnancy, an ear to share my thoughts, ideas, concerns, worries. I wish I had someone in the birthing suite during my births advocating for me, reminding me that I am strong, I can do this and bring me back in to alignment when I’d deviate from my birth plan knowing how important it was to me to achieve such plan. I wish I had someone who followed and supported me during this time to debrief with, and to ask me how I AM going, genuinely. Well, my friend, if this is the kind of support that you are looking for, someone to remind you that ‘you can do it’ that ‘you’re doing amazing’ and that ‘you’re not alone’, then this next bits for you.

How can I help you? 

Well, let’s put it simply. I know what sucked for me the first time around, and I know what was great the second time around birthing in a public hospital – and that was continuous care and having a better support person on the day.

Despite your birthing place, may it be at home, a birthing centre, private, or public hospital, my promise to you is that you will not be alone. Depending on which of my packages best suits you, I can accompany you to your antenatal appointments, provide you with resources dependent on your queries and situation, educate you on best birthing positions and remind you when you need it most that you can do it.

I have skills in rebozo work, knowledge in favourable labour positions especially dependent on baby’s positioning, acupressure point work, massage, and providing you with the best evidence-based information rather than personal suggestions.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me, I would love to support you through this magical journey.

With love Rach xo

My name is Rachael Boterhoven and I am a student doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services or about me, please contact me via the below.

[email protected]




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