Rachelli Yaafe

Perth Metro - Student

Hi, welcome!

I am Rachelli – The Naked Doula (don’t let the naked bit scare you I will explain). I am currently a student doula at The Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.

If you have stumbled across my bio you are either pregnant or hoping to get pregnant soon, congratulations, what an exciting journey you are on.

In June 2018, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter who is as wild and free as I am, but at the time of birthing I was scared and I also felt very alone. I had no family here in Perth and was crying out to be heard.  I tried hard to educate myself in child birth but when it came down to it without someone whispering in my ear or holding my hand it was hard. I was reminded of the fact that it takes a village, to raise a child but also the mother too.

I want to be your village, I want to hold you up, and give your partner the encouragement to be your advocate when you need it most.

I am a natural mother and nurturer and love to feed people. I will hold space for you and give you the recourses you need to move in to parenthood feeling supported and heard.

Now I promised I would explain the name Naked Doula, so here goes. I call myself naked not because I show up without my clothes but because I show up unapologetically myself, vulnerable and naked, giving you and your partner the space to do the same in a time in your lives when you will feel that you need to be at your strongest.

I will remind you of your power as a woman, in your feminine.

I will hold you physically and emotionally.

I will listen with open ears and ensure you feel heard.

I will hold space for you to explore your spirituality in this magical time of your life, and if at any point in your pregnancy, labour or postpartum things don’t go exactly to plan or they just outright suck, I will wipe away your tears (in a metaphorical sense if you don’t like being touched haha).

I am Rachelli – The Naked Doula, and I am a student doula at The Doula Training Academy.

If anything about me resonates with you or you would like to know more please get in touch.

Rachelli -The Naked Doula

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