Sally Ison - Student Doula

Hello, I’m Sally aka The Doula Mama.

I am a student doula and mother to 4 beautiful boys based in the Southeast Brisbane.

My passion is supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I believe in every woman’s right to birth in a way they intuitively desire.

I bring nourishment, education, skills and reverence to the rite of passage that it is to birth new life.

I wholeheartedly trust the innate wisdom of a woman’s body – including yours.

From both a research-based perspective and from my own personal experience giving birth, I unreservedly know and understand that the natural rhythm of a physiological birth is ultimately experienced when undisturbed.

By inviting me on your journey, I aim to ensure that you too understand this intrinsic knowledge that our bodies behold and the ways intervention can shape the outcome of your experience. No matter where you birth or how you birth, I honour you and your choices. What’s important to me is that the decisions made relevant to your birth are made from a place of empowerment.

As your doula, it is my role to provide you with the resources, knowledge and support for you to experience the birth you intend for. It is my promise to hold space for you, to share helpful tools for keeping you grounded, to remind you of your power and to encourage you to connect with your inner knowing.

It is my intention that you feel safe, nourished, listened-to and held by me through the time that we work together. It is my hope for you and your baby to experience this rite of passage surrounded with the reverence you deserve.

My name is Sally Ison, and I am an emerging doula training at the Doula Training Academy. When you’re ready to connect, I’d love to have a chat to see if we are the right fit and answer any questions you may have.

Business Name:
The Doula Mama

Business Email:
[email protected]


0421 470 055


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