Tanya Marie


I’m Tanya Marie, Doula at Sacred Earth Birthing.

I am a very blessed and proud Mumma of 7 amazing earthside babies, 6 heavenly souls and a Nanny to 2 gorgeous grandies!

I was given the absolute privilege and honour of supporting my daughter through her pregnancies and to attend the birth of both her babies. This truly special moment made me realise how much I LOVE the birthing experience and I wanted to share my knowledge and love of birth!

I want to support women on their sacred transformative journey of pregnancy, labour, and beyond, with the vision to help those who are seeking the information on how to have a positive and enriched birth!

Creating your sacred space within a caring and nurturing environment, I am here to help you surrender to your fears and support your ideas.

I will encourage your vision and strengthen your experience on this wondrous and exciting journey.

With many life experiences having led me to the path I am on now as a Doula, I am also a Reiki Practitioner, Transpersonal Crystal Therapist, Crystal Dreaming Facilitator, Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher, candle burning, crystal hoarding, moon gazing, day dreamer and lover of our Sacred Mother Earth.

Having a holistic background using these different modalities, which help enrich my practice, allowing me to offer you a comprehensive connection to mind, body and spirit approach to pregnancy and birth support.

So, if you feel drawn to getting to know more about how I can support you, I look forward to connecting.


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0419 991 337

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