Vanessa Barnard

Hi, I’m Vanessa

Doula, Childbirth & Newborn Educator, Paediatric Nurse & Mum to 3 young boys!

I am in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and service many areas around Melbourne. I have been a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner for over four years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many families and supporting them as they journey towards birth.

My mission is to support families on the journey to meeting their baby and there afterwards in the postpartum period. My focus is to inspire and boost confidence within you by sharing holistic and evidenced-based information to empower you to make informed decisions for yourself and your baby.

How did I fall onto this path? It was the birth of my first baby. The experience was simply incredible. I came out on top of the world. I was empowered. I felt strong. I was proud. It was there this calling began. I’ve since gone on to have two more incredibly empowering birth experiences, and I want you to have the same! After years of feeling the calling, it became apparent following my third birth that I wanted to step into this space and support families outside of childbirth and newborn education classes.

My philosophy is there is no right or wrong way to give birth or parent your baby. Each family is unique in their approach, and each family deserves to feel empowered to make informed decisions, to know their options and feel supported in their choices along this journey. As someone who has had intervention in all three of my births, I’m not here to tell you how or what to do. Birth can be what you want it to be. What I base my support around is this.

I want you to know you have the power within you to do this.

I want women to know how strong they are.

I want you to know your rights.

I want you to know your options so you can make an informed choice that is right for you.

I do this because I want you to have the birth you want. However, that may look to you. And my offerings don’t stop there because while we prepare so much for birth, our society fundamentally forgets about postpartum.

To put it simply, I went into my postpartum blind. I had society’s view on postpartum: newborn life was easy and bliss. It would be filled with cute outfits and a baby that would fit into our created lifestyle.

I was wrong.

I knew no better because I lacked education. I fought that newborn period. I fought that transition from maiden to mother. I loved being a mum, but I did not prepare for the life-changing experience that it was.

We don’t set new mothers up for success as a society. Instead, they are filled with noise from the outside on how things should look, feel and be done. We miss out on the fundamental village we once had, the village that guided new parents during their newborn days on what is expected and what is not. Parents often feel they are just surviving rather than thriving.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Every woman, every family deserves a restful postpartum.

I want to fill that void. I want mothers to feel they have a village, big or small. I want women to blossom into motherhood without the outside noise.

As a doula, I aim to help the woman/family in whatever capacity they need me to support them during this transition from maiden to mother. Be their listening ear when they need it. Nourish her with wholesome foods, ease the burden, and allow her mind and body to recover while transforming into her newfound self.

I’ve felt the emptiness of that postpartum cup with no support, and I’ve experienced that full postpartum cup when the village and support are in place. Every mother deserves a full cup, and I will be there to fill yours.

My name is Vanessa Barnard, and I am a student Doula training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to learn more information, please get in touch with me.

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