Anxiety & Information Overload During Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant is such an exciting moment in your life.

You are going to be a MUM!!

Once the reality sets in you begin to realise the enormous changes that this baby will bring not just to your body but also to your life.  You want to be the best Mum in the world, so you start to google everything there is to know about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  The more you google the more you realise the staggering amount of information, opinions and options there are. Instead of the excitement you initially felt, apprehension and anxiety begin to set in and overwhelm you all of which have a negative effect on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As a Doula and Life Coach I am trained in the art of listening, observing and helping you recognise, articulate and address your worries, anxiety and triggers.  I like to treat each client as an individual and build an understanding and good rapport with you so that together we find the best way forward.

In this instance, perhaps the following ideas might help to ease your anxiety.

Make a list

Getting your worries and fears out of your head and onto paper can feel like an instant relief from the constant buzz of them going around and around in your mind.  Once you have listed everything, we could work on prioritising the list, deciding what needs to be addressed first and what could be left for a while.   Together we can then begin to make a plan how best to get the information you need or action you need to take (i.e make an appointment, do some research etc).

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal that you can jot down your thoughts, worries, ideas and appointments is also a great thing to do and can help ease anxiety.  It also provides a detailed record of your journey, that you can look back on and see how far you have come.

Assemble a team of people and Health Professionals

Finding a team of health care professionals whom you feel comfortable and confident with can take time and effort so be patient with yourself.  Depending on your needs and financial situation, this team might include an Obstetrician, GP, Hospital or Private midwife, Women’s Health Physio, Perinatal Psychologist and of course a Doula.

No matter what your needs or worries are, there is always someone or something we can find to help you.


As part of my Doula training, I have researched and collected a number of resources such as articles, books and information on childbirth courses and other material that can help you gain knowledge and confidence for your pregnancy and birth. I will also be available during your pregnancy to offer you emotional support, talk through any worries and help you prepare in practical ways for the birth and the days following.

During your labour and the birth of your baby I will be there to help create a safe, comfortable space.  A Doula is also a great support for your partner as well.  It means they have someone who they know and who will take care of things allowing them to fully focus on you and your needs all of which gives you the support you need to have the best possible birth experience.

I hope this information has given you a few practical tips to help to lessen the anxiety that both you and your partner may be feeling regarding your pregnancy and birth.

Remember, your body was designed to give birth and there is so much support available to help you enjoy the journey to become a confident, wonderful Mum.

You Can Do It!

Bron xx

My name is Bronwen Kerr and I am a Pregnancy and Birth Confidence Coach and Doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.  If you would like more information, or a chat about how I can help you please email me at  [email protected]



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