Marcela Voigt-Jackman

WA - Southwest

Hi there, my name is Marcela Voigt-Jackman. Welcome to Elemental Bodywork.

Together with my Husband Daniel and our two younger children (we also have an adult son), we made the move to the amazing Margaret River region in September of 2016 from Perth.

Although the doors to Elemental Bodywork first opened in August of 2017 as my own business, I have been a Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2005. I have been in the healthcare industry in various capacities since 1993. So, this and my own life experiences have allowed me to keep evolving as a holistic healthcare practitioner, along with my extensive knowledge base.

I have also recently become a certified Birth Doula which I am very excited about.

My Mission is to ensure that I always leave people feeling better on all levels than when I first meet them. It is extremely important for me to be able to support women and children (not exclusively) in a loving and nurturing manner. All of this through nurturing touch – the foundation of our very being as well as through birth and postpartum support.

As a Bodyworker and Doula, I keep up-to-date with current practices and research. This will enable me to pass on this information to you so that you may be able to make informed choices, regarding both your body and your baby.

I have an extensive toolkit of skills to provide you with natural and alternative / complimentary forms of pain relief during life in general, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Using various techniques, I can help you to support and prepare your body through massage for birth, as it grows and changes to accommodate your growing baby. In doing so I hold a space for you to bond with your unborn child.

I offer a slowly growing selection of resources from my own personal library for you to borrow. This in turn will assist in reducing expenses.

Once your baby is earthside, as an Infant Massage Teacher I can teach you to massage your baby to assist with and encourage bonding, healthy growth and development.

As a Certified Paediatric Massage therapist I provide massage for your older children to assist with their growth and both physical and emotional development. I encourage you the parent to learn some of the strokes to continue care at home.

I love to be able to provide support, research-based knowledge and various tools for you to use with your own families.

As a person I have a strong but gentle and calming presence. Be it as a massage therapist or a doula, I can assist you to feel calm and confident in who you are and bring you closer to your own inner strength and wisdom.

My Qualifications:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care – 2001
  • Diploma Remedial Massage Therapy (RMT) – 2005
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) – 2005
  • Certificate of Paediatric Massage Therapy (CPMT)(Liddlekidz  Foundation) – 2013
  • Touch Therapy for Liddle Kids with Autism (Liddlekidz Foundation) – 2013
  • Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz in the NICU (Liddlekids Foundation) – 2013
  • Certificate of Infant Massage Teacher (CIMI) (IMIS) – 2015
  • Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT) (Liddlekidz Foundation) – 2016
  • Certified Infant Massage Teacher – Special Needs (Liddlekidz Foundation) – 2016
  • Touch Therapy for Liddle Kidz with Cancer (Liddlekidz Foundation) – 2016
  • Certificate Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage (Pregnancy Massage Aust.) – 2016
  • Certified Massage In Schools Teacher (International Massage In Schools Program) – 2017
  • Current Senior First Aid (renewed every 3 years – 2018)
  • Certified Birth Doula (Doula Training Academy) – 2018
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